Fresh for Health Fundraising Program

The Fresh for Health Fundraising Program is a unique fundraising program that Cusumano & Sons conceived over twenty years ago and through constant refinements has proven to be the most profitable fresh fundraiser in the market place today. The simple organization and implementation strategy make this program suitable for sales by all ages. The unique and high quality product offering will appeal to all potential customers who will look forward to the sale year after year. So why choose Cusumano & Sons' Fresh for Health Program?

  1. A healthy gift to be enjoyed by the entire family
  2. Value priced to be competitive to retail stores
  3. Superior quality and taste
  4. Super fresh products, normally less than a week from harvest. Only the highest grade products are shipped for the program
  5. Local supplier that is in the produce business year round
  6. Flexible and responsive to your unique needs
  7. We deliver the products on our own temperature controlled trucks with our own full time professional delivery personnel
  8. Full color sales brochure at no charge for each seller
  9. NO RISK Only order what is sold

New Illinois Grown & Produced Products Now Available

Fresh for Health Fundraising Brochure


Marcoot Jersey Creamery Greenville, IL


Oakland Noodle Company Oakland, IL


The Mill at Janie's Farm Askum, IL



Give us a call at (618) 244-0198 and we'll provide the details on the easiest and most profitable fundraiser available. Referrals are available upon request.